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Nolan Bryant - Borealis Region by ShuraNight
Nolan Bryant - Borealis Region

:new: I GOT IN~
:new: Pokemon Done!!!!

Name: Nolan Byrant

Age: 21

Birthdate: February 26th (Pisces)

Gender: Male

Hometown: Vasari Town, Borealis Reigon

Occupation: Fashion Designer and Artist

Type of Trainer: New

Favorite Type: Ghost

Least Favorite Type: Ground


- Indecisive at times + Sociable

- Selfish + Hardworking

- Gullible + Elegant

- Clumsy + Courageous

- Excitable + Good-Natured

Nolan was born and raised in vasari town of the borealis region. He was always the strange but delightful child in any room. He grew up very pampered by his parents. One half of a pair of twins, he was the more happy go lucky of the two. Always ready for an adventure and wanting to travel the world. Living in such a old-fashioned and mysterious setting made his want to travel diminish. Being around all of the old world glory of his home town made nolan feel like he was jumping into another world. Vasari town was seemingly perfect for young nolan, who had a deep love of ghost type pokemon. He was especially attached to his father corbin's haunter named Galaxy, the haunter was like a guardian to the boy. 

Thanks to his parents both having a lot to do with pokemon in their daily lives. His mother being a trainer and coordinator, while his father was a breeder. He was always surrounded by pokemon wherever he went. With seeing more pokemon he was more inspired, the different patterns and designs spoke to him in a special way. Eventually this lead to him going to school for fashion design to put the ideas pokemon had sparked in him to real life. It became his passion, but he hit a slump. Without a pokemon of his own, traveling on his own would be difficult, that was when Nolan decided that he would become a trainer. This way he would meet even more amazing pokemon, it would broaden his horizons and make him a better poke fashion designer. This lead Nolan to the borealis region, where he would start his new adventure as a pokemon trainer.

Inventory: A backpack with his necessitates. 


- Both Nolan's parents were trainers, but only his mother, Anya took it as her occupation.

- Nolan has some experience with jewelry making thanks to his father, Corbin.

- Nolan is a big fan of pokemon mythology. He has read up and learned as much as he can about it.

- Nolan's favorite pokemon belonging to his family is a Haunter named Galaxy, which is why ghosts are his favorite type.

Pokemon template is below:

“So your favorite type is Ghost? How ghastly! You have quite the passion for fashion, dazzling everyone you meet. Although your world revolves entirely around yourself, you know when to put your pettiness aside for the greater good. With the guidance of the stars, I believe Yamask is the best partner for you! I hope you two have a long lasting companionship!”

Nickname: Xerxes

Gender: Male

Species: Yamask

OT: Prof. Larix

Ability+Moves: Mummy + Shock Wave/ Knock Off/ Disable/ Will-o-Wisp

Xerxes was formally a persian, but not just any persian, where he was the lead cat. He lead his pack to many victories defending their territory. He life was perfect from how he saw it, unfortunately it was not to last, his pack was attacked by a group of luxray that had been eyeing his turf. The larger cats ambushed xerxes and his pack, while xerxes was able to get most of his pack to safety, he was not as lucky. He was killed defending his blood brother as he got xerxes mate to a safe spot. Outnumbered Xerxes was still able to fend off his attackers until his last breath, he awoke to find himself in a new body and is happy to have a second chance at life. He hopes to one day find his old pack.

Ways to contact me:
Skype: Im almost always on. just talk to me and then we can trade skype names.
Notes: I always check me notes when i get on DA.

I'll be redoing app art for my team and maybe take request for later.…



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